Foto: Relja Ivanic

Date: 2021Client: Generali OsiguranjeLocation: Belgrade, Serbia


Photo: Relja Ivanic

Date: 2021Client: PoletLocation: Belgrade, Serbia

TX Services

3D tour

Photo: Relja Ivanic

Date: 2020Client: TX ServicesLocation: Belgrade, Serbia

Zühlke office

Zühlke office space in Belgrade tailored for employee wellbeing and productivity with adaptive and flexible multipurpose areas meeting new demands in years to come. We are proud to be a part of Zühlke growth journey.


Photo: Relja Ivanic

Date: October 2020Client: Zühlke GroupLocation: Belgrade, Serbia

Nordeus HQ

By rethinking the visitor journey and employee circulation and incorporating diverse new facilities for Nordeus, Jump Studios worked alongside Serbian practice Antipod to create an open, transparent, flexible and collaborative new environment for the company’s 170+ employees. The workspace focuses on wellbeing and a positive work/life balance and incorporates a suite of first-class staff amenities including a gym, yoga studio, music and gaming rooms. There is also a soft play area for children, a maker’s space, and a messy room for creative workshops.

The ground floor houses a large multi-purpose, 200-seat auditorium, with adjoining café and restaurant, allowing the company to host a range of internal and external events, including regular all-staff meetings and a range of gaming competitions.

Flexibility was key to the success of the project, acknowledging Nordeus’ ever-changing working patterns. The workspaces feature movable partitions that allow the teams to adapt the space to suit their requirements, along with informal breakout areas and meeting booths. The majority of the furniture and fittings included within the design were sourced locally, with bespoke detailing crafted by local tradespeople. The project was delivered on time and within budget.


Special thanks to members of our Antipod team: Sonja Tonev, Ana Spasojevic and Ksenija Josifovic for being amazing in every aspect of the project!

Date: april 2019Client: NordeusLocation: Belgrade, Serbia


Workspace design for Nordeus HQ.

GTC office

Our idea for this project was to create a dynamic office space where hallway separates
conference rooms from offices. All office rooms are placed next to eachother, but not aligned,
on contrary to conference rooms which are placed evenly. In one end of the hallway is the CEO
office and in the other there is the office kitchen.
All office rooms are made in glass walls outlined with steel profiles colored in burgundy. To take
the most out of the space, instead of walls we created closets which divide each office. Our aim
was to use natural colors and materials which would create a space pleasant for work.
Therefore we used wooden planks over the conference room walls and wooden surfaces
throughout the space. Subtle colors were used in the carpet floors and furniture, so that the dark
burgundy profiles and the outlines that they create would become the highlights.
Together with various plants, earth colors and shadows which refract from large facade widows,
the space creates a feeling of natural environment and sophistication.

Photo: Relja Ivanic

Niche apartment

Private home.

Photo: Relja Ivanic

Date: January 2017Client: PrivateLocation: Belgrade, Serbia

Personal Seven

Personal drawer box design for every Seven Bridges Genomics employe. Easy to use, easy to move, secure, modular, stackable.

Photo: Relja Ivanic

Date: December 2016Client: Seven BridgesLocation: Belgrade, Serbia

Seven Bridges

 Seven Bridges offices are located in Airport City office park in Belgrade, Serbia. Since the beginning of collaboration with Seven Bridges, we had to be aware that this is a fast-growing company and that the extensions of the space would be necessary sooner or later. This is why our main goal was to create a project which would be modular and applicable onto various spaces without losing its essential design.
 Three floors of the building consist of offices and conference rooms, one floor is dedicated to social activities (lounge, game room, music room, gym, kitchen and few meeting rooms) and the ground floor is made into a restaurant for employees.
 The key points of this project are the colours and how materials interact with each other. Each floor has its own colour in order to create recognizable environments for the employees and to make communication between the floors simple. All colours have a calming tone and they are used on the walls and carpet floors as a primary surface.
 Furniture varies in colours, but it is always complementary with the colour of the surface and this way creates highlights in the space. Another important element of the offices are glass walls covered by heavy curtains. This allows users to create their private space when wanted, but also to emphasise the soft and peaceful atmosphere that we were aiming for. Our vision was to design an interior which would not assemble to a corporate office space, but to a place where the employees could feel at home.

5000 sqm across 5 floors, three floors for work space, one floor for lounge and social activities and one floor for dining area.
New Belgrade, Serbia, Airport city office park.

Special thanks to Ana Spasojevic for being member of our team on this and other projects.

Photo: Relja Ivanic

Date: June 2016Client: Seven BridgesLocation: Belgrade, Serbia


Concept product design – Coat hanger Bici exibited on Mikser expo 2012 awarded with special mention by Konstantin Grcic.

Client: Antipod studioLocation: Belgrade, Serbia


Interior design project for Domino, advertising agency from Belgrade.

Dot dent

Dental hospital interior design.

Photo: Courtesy of Dot dent.

Date: June 2014Client: Dot dentLocation: Rijeka, Croatia

Resonate table

Table design for Resonate festival.

Photo: Courtesy by Resonate festival


Interior design for Belgrade office of company. Situated in Dom Sindikata, building proclaimed as a national cultural monument. Concept behind designing office space was to keep original spirit of the building and customise it to be used by contemporary IT company like VAST and to keep it on a budget.


Photo: Relja Ivanic

Date: July 2016Client: VastLocation: Belgrade, Serbia