Research and Design or ReDA in short is how we call a process within our design practise.

Experience with the output of any creation process, whether it is a product, service, piece of art or space to work or live in, is what needs to meet the expectations of all the members of the user’s ecosystem, to be considered successful and purposeful. When the experience is right, we can rest assured every other element is in place as well.

We ensure that understanding of the users is full and actionable, that deeper level of needs is recognized and properly addressed and that balance between needs of different user groups is achieved. 

With this approach we ensure that how the users interact with the final output is (over)delivering on their expectations and that it is supporting the goals set by the output owners. We secure experience that secures success.

All of this, we do with you, hand in hand, securing you to understand, accept and own the outcomes of the process when finalized. In the later stage, we offer guidance and support, if you need one.


We listen. You as a company and employer, your employees or clients, your environment and global trends.

We analyse. Based on what we learned about the needs and wants of all of those that will have their say with the final outcome, we ensure most important findings are structured in an easy to use, intuitive format that makes both you and our creative teams very familiar with the target audience and general business goals.

We make it practical. Based on the deep knowledge about users of the final output, their needs and wants, we summarise the main guidelines and „must haves“ to assure creative process that follows is going in the right direction and later on also decisions made in post-implementation period.

We innovate and co-create. In the whole process, we are not alone, we work with you and to-be users of the final output to assure none of the knowledge is wasted and innovation happens naturally from the guided co-creation process.

We test and improve. Prototyping and testing is a must. Shortlisted ideas are prototyped, feedback is collected and improvements are made before any resource is invested into execution of the final outcome. Improvements are happening early in the process if there is any space for them after previous phases.

We support the change. After everything is finished, output of our process is starting its real-life voyage. This is when you can count on us to support you in the process of making the change seamless, follow the effects and ensure long-term goals are met.