GTC office

Our idea for this project was to create a dynamic office space where hallway separates
conference rooms from offices. All office rooms are placed next to eachother, but not aligned,
on contrary to conference rooms which are placed evenly. In one end of the hallway is the CEO
office and in the other there is the office kitchen.
All office rooms are made in glass walls outlined with steel profiles colored in burgundy. To take
the most out of the space, instead of walls we created closets which divide each office. Our aim
was to use natural colors and materials which would create a space pleasant for work.
Therefore we used wooden planks over the conference room walls and wooden surfaces
throughout the space. Subtle colors were used in the carpet floors and furniture, so that the dark
burgundy profiles and the outlines that they create would become the highlights.
Together with various plants, earth colors and shadows which refract from large facade widows,
the space creates a feeling of natural environment and sophistication.

Photo: Relja Ivanic